Friday, August 29, 2008

Notable points on why each console sucks wrote a decent article about all three consoles weak points. My "highly agree"s go to:

360: A better D-Pad
360: Mute button/volume control on controller
PS3: Get a better XMB
PS3: Include an HDMI cable
Wii: Better motion control
Wii: Better memory options

I don't have much to add to his points. I do disagree with HD-DVD and a 360 Web Browser. Unless I can pull up in the Guide blade, I really don't see a use for a browser. I don't use it on the other consoles at all.

Be sure to check his followup on those consoles' strong points. I don't agree with the Web Browsers or Blu-ray, but the rest is solid in my opinion.


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