Friday, August 29, 2008

Bioshock on PS3, trying to just match the 360 version

It's interesting that 2k is making such an effort to say they are "matching" the fidelity of the 360. All those with PS3 picket signs were expecting graphical improvements and the usual ridiculous expectations because of the PS3 hypothetical magic graphic powers. And Blu-ray is supposed to make everything better right? Wrong.

With my slight PS3 jabs aside, I'm appalled that anyone could expected wasted development time in improving unbroken graphics. It really isn't in the publisher's best interest to do anything but reiterate what they've already put out there. Sure, they are adding a few negligible features, but that's merely to entice those who are already bent on the PS3. In the end, it's about money. That's why exclusives such as Bioshock don't stay as such.

As a final word, both systems are perfectly capable of this impressive game. They will be about on par with each other. Pick your white or black poison, and get on with it. The game is more important than bickering about details.

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