Thursday, June 06, 1996


I'll be honest at this point; I don't care for portable gaming anymore. This and my PSP have essentially been forgotten. With all the games for the consoles, I'm not finding time to waste on handheld gaming. When I'm out and about, I have a cellphone PDA with internet access which keeps me amused. Thanks for the good times DS...maybe we'll reunite one day.

  • Retro NES skin

  • flashme installed

  • 2 Supercard CF flashcarts

  • 1 GB CF card


  • Brain Age

  • Mario Kart DS

  • Meteos

  • Metroid Prime: Hunters (Demo)

  • Metroid Prime: Hunters (full game)

  • Metroid Prime Pinball

  • Metroid Fusion (GBA)

  • Metroid Zero Mission (GBA)

  • Pollarium traded

  • Super Martio 64 DS

  • Warioware traded

Games to get

  • Final Fantasy III

Updated 04/19/2007


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