Saturday, November 01, 2008

ION customer support over-zealous????

In my ION Drum Rocker Review, I mentioned my kit was missing an Allen Wrench and the USB pigtail was faulty. I had messaged customer service through their website to get the problems resolved. They responded with a form used to request replacement parts.

They never sent me any kind of confirmation, so I've been wondering on the status. On Halloween, I received an unexpected package from an unfamiliar address from Customer Service. Upon cutting through the packing tape, I was greated with a white box labeled "360 module". It was the whole brain unit with the mounting bracket...

I thought "Allen Wrench Tool" and "USB Pigtail Attachment" would be pretty obvious. And a mere $5 worth of parts. But hey, if they want to send me a backup brain with that pigtail, there's no complaints here. In a final humorous twist, the Allen Wrench Tool was not included, but I have no quarrel; I'll use my own at this point.

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