Thursday, December 18, 2008

Attack of the teens?

It looks like someone decided to vandalize my mailbox by bending the pole all the way to the ground. It was easy enough to bend it back to vertical, but it looks like the culprit had stolen my review copy of the new Destory All Humans game and left me with the packaging carcass in my driveway.

The irony is that I moved to a city with half the crime per population and that's when this happens (never had a problem in Ogden). Ogden, UT has about 6.5 crimes per 100 people, where Roy has 2.8 crimes per 100 people. For perspective, New York, NY has about 3 crimes per 100 people, and Los Angeles, CA has about 4.8 crimes per 100 people. *shakes head in disdain*

Quick reference to the holy information grounds known as the internet shows it is a Federal crime to vandalize a mailbox, with fines that can be up to $250,000. The link also gives some tips on what to do in a such an event.

There are worse things, but it certainly is annoying. Hopefully I will be able to obtain a new review copy.


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