Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bargain Bin Review: F.E.A.R. Files

There's something about turning on "Matrix Mode" that injects a certain cool-factor to any action game. First Person shooters are no exception, and slowmo never seems to get old.

F.E.A.R mixed many of my favorite elements: horror, interesting story, and action-packed game-play. It was only natural to want more out of the game. My only regret is that F.E.A.R. was dated by the time it hit the consoles, and interest in the game had certainly waned at that point. This is unfortunate, as the multiplayer is reminiscent of Counter Strike intensity.

F.E.A.R. Files doesn't bring anything new to the formula, but it does extend the game out more for those who were yearning. Any fan of the original title should find no problem in enjoying this stand-alone expansion collection. The gunplay is still action packed (thank you, Slowmo), and they managed to make both games seem a bit less repetitive.

3 pros:
-Slowmo makes for much entertainment
-Less repetitive than FEAR
-Still has the infamous FEAR gameplay

3 cons:
-Graphics are dated, a lot of the same textures are used
-Other than cheap scare-tactics, it doesn't instill much FEAR
-Story isn't really present

Resembles/Feels like: F.E.A.R. and a little bit of Counter Strike

Rent or Buy: Rent

Personal Appraisal:$19.99*
Other Opinions:**

6.7/10.0 @ IGN
7.9/10.0 @
C+ @

*Personal Appraisal at the time of the review
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