Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rock Band Wii: Ick.

Since Rock Band for the Wii has lowered to a sweet $99.99, I decided it was time to buy it for my Mom and Dad. They seemed to enjoy it on the 360 during my temporary stay with them earlier in the year. But the original pricing was quite prohibitive. Problem solved!

Upon playing a few songs, I notice the kickdrum pedal seemed sturdier. The guitar was wireless (with a dongle), and the USB hub didn't require external power. These were the good points, but it stops there.

The Wii version pales compared to the 360 version like 480i to 1080p. Not only are the graphics atrocious, but even when calibrated, the jewels seem off and don't explode at the right time for successful hits or notes. It's very distracting when the animation is late. My entire family said it felt wrong overall.

Conclusion: The Wii version should be reserved for those who don't have the other consoles. In my parent's case, it gets the job done, albeit in an ugly and awkward way.


Blogger SourNotHardcore said...

360 > PS3 + Wii

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