Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Note: Disposable Income Not Available

Some time in life, all of us get hit like a truck with our finances. This happened to me years ago, but it taught me the warning signs of when to stay out of the street and stay home.

My concerns are arising about the economy and the upcoming year. While I will get some awesome tax benefits from having purchased a house this year, other expenses have stepped into the spotlight. Some are difficult to plan for at this juncture, but still need to be considered. To name a few: high dental expenses (implants), old credit card debt, Christmas gifts, and the need for a new vehicle. Basically, that's life for everyone, but it does cut into our leisure.

While the details are personal, I can say it's making it difficult to justify any further game purchases for the remainder of the year and beyond. Naturally, the timing could have been adjusted 6 months or so. I had planned on trying Resistance 2, Last Remnant, Too Human, Prince of Persia, Halo Wars, FEAR 2, RE5, Killzone 2, and some others that will be here within the next 6 months.

Looks like I better get comfortable with the concept of renting.


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