Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick note on Rock Band vs Guitar Hero drums

I saw the Guitar Hero: World Tour drumset for the first time in Walmart the other day, and it really made me appreciate that I bought the ION drums.

The cymbals were made of a flimsy rubber*, which will probably make them last longer. It still managed to look cheap however, but in reality the Rock Band kit does, too. Over-all, the kit didn't seem as sturdy either, but I'd have to sit down and play to get a true feel. The layout is definitely an improvement over the Rock Band layout, but I can't say it would have been worth the purchase to switch kits.

I imagine the Rock Band 2 kit with the Madcatz cymbal add-ons would be the best bet for those not willing to drop cash on the ION kit.

*Update 11/19/2008: I made it sound like the cymbals are only made of rubber. They do have a solid core, but look flimsy when you hit them.


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