Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fatality to my insides: MK vs DC

I was actually wanting to buy this game until I watched these fatalities. To top off the lame-brew: Superheros are only capabale of a "Heroic Brutality"? I haven't been this disappointed since MK3's groan-inducing fatalies (although Smoke blowing up the Earth was more amusing than it was worth ;).

I know they were shooting for a Teen rating, but it's hard to call this an MK game with these pathethic shows of finish moves. If anything, the story is semi-amusing to watch on both sides of the fence.

It still may be worth a shot, as a few people say the gameplay is "Excellent". I wouldn't be surprised, since I've honestly enjoyed the 3D MK's more than expected, especially since I never really adapted out of 2D in that genre ;).

I'm really disappointed that MK: Shaolin Monks wasn't more popular. If any MK game has taken the series in a different and blazingly-fun direction, it was that game. Pick it up for Xbox or PS2 (unfortunately, not BC on 360) and bring a friend.


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