Sunday, February 22, 2009

NOS Gameplay: Aliens Vs Predator 2 (PC)

Okay, the host is a dork, but most gamers are. The game has many jumpy moments, but I think he's over-reacting. The video certainly doesn't do the game justice however.

We can only hope that SEGA's forthcoming Aliens Vs Predator is up to par with AVP2 and surpasses it. For an 8 year old game, it's high quality, good lighting, has 3 different loaded campaigns, and the multi-player is absolute craziness. A marine runs from the Predator's laser-sites and comes around a corner to be pounced on from the ceiling by an ALIEN.

With today's games, AVP could make for co-op campaigns and Left 4 Dead style versus modes that would keep gamers occupied for a long time. In the AVP universe...DLC could be almost endless.

Yeah, I'm excited. Screw off. And I need one of these for a pet:


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