Thursday, June 06, 1996

My PS3

The ugly black taco is obviously on the right. I don't have much to say about it because I absolute abhor the console; it's the WORST console I've ever owned. It's frustrating, it isn't any fun to play, it's overly complicated, and it's not worth the money.

I installed Yellow Dog Linux on it...I never use it though. I set aside a Motorolla HS850 Bluetooth headset to use with it (but there's no chatter online anyway). Ebay got me a deal on Monster component that does it for accessories.

Honestly, I don't really use this console; I bought it merely because I could. We spend all of our time playing Wii or 360, and I don't see that changing this generation.

Current Games:

Future Games I want:

Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII Versus

Update 12/29/2007: These pictures are no longer accurate. I no longer have Yellow Dog Linux installed, and I use HDMI on a 1080p HDTV.

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