Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Resident Evil 4 for Gamecube

I purchased this game mainly because Game Informer rated it a 10 and I haven't used my Gamecube in a long time. I've played Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero, but I disliked them for the goofy controls.

The graphics are instantly noticeable; probably the best I've seen on the Gamecube. This is the first game I have seen that actually seemed comparable to XBox and PS2 games.

And finally, the controls were friendly!

After running around and shooting enemies for a few minutes, I found it semi-lame that "Leon" is unable to duck, walk slower, or move and shoot simultaneously. Ducking or dodging can only happen when the game prompts the player. This is disappointing or aggravating, especially when hatchets are flying at you.

But then I started noticing the developers efforts to scare the gamer. Quite often, if you are not paying attention, you will turn around, or turn a corner, and there will be a "Zombie" in your face. The music and sound effects (or lack of) are timed well and fit perfectly. The voice acting is better than usual as well.

Then I reached the first serious boss fight, which entails Leon being pulled around in a small boat by a large lake creature. The intensity was there. The next boss fight was also intense, seemingly how the boss is 8x Leons size.

I am still working through the game. The game is great so far, but I think it was given a 10 for the gore and fear factors. My question is: Who goes and tries to save the "Presidents daughter" with just the standard pistol anyway?

Good job on those boss fights so far, Capcom.


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