Friday, November 04, 2005

Nintendo Sales VP on the Video Game market

This is a great article, and provides me more confidence in Nintendo's future.

"Being disruptive in the marketplace" is actually an excellent idea. For me, it seems that there will be an occasional great game as of late, and the rest are too boring. Someone has to come in with something fresh or video games will fade.

Most kids and fanboys think that graphics is everything. It really isn't. I've played plenty of games with good graphics that fail on the gameplay or fun-factor. As previously said in interviews, graphics can only improve so much. Then other things have to improve. I think Nintendo is making the smart move in offering a new way to play games that isn't too drastically different from the old way.

For example, the DS has a touchscreen, but all of the standard controls are still there. Another would be the new revolution controller. The buttons you need are there, but it has the added feature of motion detection.

Speaking of that controller, it shows that "disruptive marketing" is already in place. Many may "freak out" when they see the revolution controller. Thinking sensibly, it is very interesting and can be a great idea if executed correctly. A two piece controller may actually be more comfortable, and cause less strain on hands. I read an article suggesting that gamers are too lazy to move around and won't be receptive to controlling with more effort. I disagree. Remember the hit "Dance, Dance, Revolution?"

Don't get me wrong; I still plan on thoroughly enjoying the Xbox 360 and unfortunately experiencing the PS3 if I have to. Just remember that Nintendo is always there, and whether you denounce them as a kiddie company or not, I guarantee they can offer some experience that you could get involved in. There will be a spot reserved for the Revolution in my house.