Friday, September 23, 2005

NDS/PSP stuck or dead pixel fixer?

A stuck pixel on an LCD screen almost always stays the same color. A dead pixel always stays off. Mine for example, has a red pixel in the middle of the top screen. It does not show on white screens, but on every other color is is always red. It's stuck.

There may be a fix...

I didn't believe it, but in the Lik-Sang forums somebody was asking about a video for the PSP that supposedly fixes dead pixels. Not very believable, right? As explained, it is a video that flashes through the color spectrum quickly and repeatedly. Apparently, this can get stuck pixels to resume their normal function.

Anyway, the person in the forum was looking for a NDS version of the pixel fixer. Others mentioned that some homebrewers had already done it (since it would be simple code).

From there, I figured that I might as well try it.

I started the pixel fixer in GBA mode, and after some instructions as to NOT look at the flashing screen (in case of seizures), it started flashing away. Since I don't have a seizure problem, I watched. Yup, I could still see the stuck pixel. I decided to leave the program running for 5 minutes while I did something else. Upon my return, I could still see the stuck pixel within the flashing screen.

No dice, I'll have to try leaving it on longer.

I'm guessing the flashing is supposed to get the liquid crystal moving or something as to nudge the stuck pixel into working. Just a guess.

With all the pixel problems I've read about online, this quick test is worth a try. Note that you will need a GBA flashcart, GBAMP, or Supercard to run homebrew code. If the problemed pixel is outside the resolution of the GBA display, you may need to search for a full screen NDS one.


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