Thursday, August 04, 2005

More on Resident Evil 4

Capcom officially pissed me off today. When Leon goes back to the sewer, this familiar tail comes through the ceiling and attacks. 100% stolen from Aliens. When I actually faced the creature, it was essentially an Alien with the "newborn"'s head from "Alien Ressurection". What more? If you fail to dodge the tail, it goes through you and picks you up (psst. Think "Aliens" & "Aliens vs Predator") Grrrr. At least the portrayed it with Alien strength; it beat me down well. Aliens are not allowed to be stolen in my book. An AVP rendition of this game would actually be sweet...

The game is getting more difficult; I don't know where these select "whiners" blame the game for being easy. To me it seems to vary in difficulty, which is good.

I believe this game also gets ranked highly because of its immediate accessibility and deviation from the original storyline. I remember playing the original for about 10 minutes and just being pissed off. RE4 sucks you in, even if you are getting spanked. That's a good sign; the previous installments require a dedicated player. That's not me; I don't care for the genre much.

Why complain about the deviation from the Umbrella+Zombie story? Only Megaman can use the same story for 20 games and get away with it. If you want a story, play Final Fantasy. Most storys, especially in video games, revolve around the cliche premise of bad-guy-or-group-bent-on-domination meets good-guy-that-will-save-the-day and most of the time a unexpectedly-expected-relationship in the middle.

Are these complainers mad that these enemies actually chase you? Dodge your shots? Work in groups? Apologies to those it does not bode well with, but this makes for much more interesting confrontations. Zombies are pansies.

I don't care for Ashley much either, but I'm glad she moves out of the way when there is trouble. Before complaining, just remember that she could be way more helpless. If you arm your gun, she ducks or cringes. That is so much better than following you around blindly.

That's my 2000 cents.


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