Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Doom 3 for XBox

Doom will always have nostalgia with me. It was the first FPS I actually ever enjoyed (and I didn't enjoy another until Aliens vs Predator). I remember it being the "greatest" game because it was "bloody". Pre-teens are all over that. Ever notice that violent games seem to get higher ratings? Think "God of War" and "Resident Evil 4".

Not that I'm one to argue. If Halo had any gore it would make it more fun. Imagine body parts flying everywhere when hit with a rocket launcher, or eyeballs blowing out the back of the head when sniped. It's not that the gore is a good thing, but it opens up a new realm of trash talking.

Anyway, I saw my roommate playing Doom 3. It looked semi-freaky and the graphics were great, so I purchased it. My girlfriend got to play it before me!

I finally got into the game myself several hours later. The detailed environments are immediately noticeable. ID did an outstanding job in that department. I was a bit disappointed at some of the jerky cut scenes, and the bald guy's head wsn't very round. Looking down doesn't show legs or feet or anything either; it's as though your character is floating.

Just like the old Dooms, enemies will come out of nowhere. However, this time they are not blocky-graphics, they actually take dimensional form. This is a strong point and makes the game very enjoyable.

We'll see how I feel as I progress through the levels.


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