Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Meteos - Nintendo DS

There was a bunch of pre-release and forum hype about Meteos. All I needed to know is that it was a puzzle game that was different and fun. There are a lot of comparisons to Lumines, but it's a completely different game.

I'd say Meteos is like Columns, except faster paced and more interesting. Essentially, you have to get 3 or more of the same blocks to align vertically or horizontally. This launches any blocks above the matched row/column that was created upwards. Anything that goes off the screen is used to attack a planet.

Sounds simple? Imagine the lack of a slow dropping blocks. They start at about medium and quickly speed up to insane. It may sound difficult, but it's actually addicting.

There are plenty of bonuses in the game as well. All blocks launched (called Meteos) will be kept on record and can be used to fuse new special items and planets. There are also different modes to play with multiple paths.

This is the first DS game I've been impressed with, and I give it a 9/10. It's definitely more exciting than Pollarium, which I gave a 7/10.


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