Tuesday, August 16, 2005

PS2 and PS2 Slimline modifications

I've learned a lot my ruining my original PS2. I haven't broken any pieces off modifying a couple of PSX's, and those were a success. A 15w soldering iron is a necessity, and purchasing a new tip per couple of projects is definitely helpful.

Anyway, after learning that a slim PS2 can have a hard drive added to it, I became a bit more interested in it. I do have one, but it's just my backup if I ruin what I've got...which I did. I've been thinking today that the PS2 network adapter should be the perfect size to hold a 2.5" hard drive. I'd be more comfortable getting it to fit in there than inside the slim PS2. However, I learned that the PS2 has to be modded for the hard drive to function properly.

I had to buy a new v8 PS2, and I'm waiting for new parts so I can add my DMS4 EZI to it. I think the original DSP clip was broken, and I made it worse trying to get it to work. Since I bought it used, this should be no surprise.

If I have to, I'll put that Matrix Infinity SE clone in the slim PSTwo. It's my understanding that you need a modchip in order to get HDLoader to work (needs to be flashed). I wonder if HDAdvance will work? The only problem is that the Matrix clone can't be reflashed or it gets screwed up apparently. Hmmm. I'm under the impression I can still add Elfs to it though, so maybe I won't need ToxicOS. *shrug*.

If anything, I'd love to get Linux on the PS2 just to screw around.

So many ideas, so little time.


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