Friday, April 27, 2007

PS3 Futility Chronicles: Vol. 3

And here we go again. My goal today is to download the Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo.

Vol. 2 should essentially be repeated. Another update was available. Except this time, it was a much shorter download. The servers must not be busy at this hour.

In the store, I cannot find the NG demo. I quickly realize that all the prices are in pounds. That means I'm signed in using my Ogden, UT, U.K. account that cannot be switched to the U.S. Again, I could switch countries on the 360 just fine (I switched to Japan early on for demos). Whatever.

Now I'm trying to sign in with the U.S. account. I figured out that this *might* work if I add another user name. So far, I just get DNS errors. If I go back to the U.K. account, it works fine. But I want the damn US-only-for-the-moment demo.

I guess the next step is to try erasing the hard drive again and starting over. My Resistance game saves were erased last time anyway. My main account should be the Suicide-Ninja anyway. I'll try creating the U.K. as a secondary from there.

I'm fully prepared with 1080p and a USB to mini-B cable this time as well. LOL

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