Thursday, April 26, 2007

Trading in consoles; what our local Gamestops will pony up

Elite Pre-orders Coming To Gamestop Thursday - Kotaku

My local gamestops are getting around 4 Elites each. When inquiring about trade in, I received the values below. Keep in mind this may vary at different locations.

$250 Xbox 360 Premium (toward Elite only)
$450 Playstaion 3 60GB
$ 55 Playstation 2 (slim)
$ 50 Xbox (toward Elite only)
$ 25 Gamecube
$ 45 Heavy Nintendo DS
$ 80 PSP

I didn't even bother asking about the Wii, because there's no way I'm getting rid of that (it was too damn hard to get in the first place).

I'm tempted to trade in my PS3 since I only paid $500 for it. I traded in a PS2 for $100 off, but those are worthless throw-aways to me. But Ninja Gaiden and Final Fantasy are just around the corner.


One more thing: Microsoft is apparently providing free HDD transfer kits to those who will need them. They will not come packaged with the Elites systems, just the 120GB HDDs.


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