Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Playstation convert talks about his 360 - Xbox 360 Fanboy

Playstation convert talks about his 360 - Xbox 360 Fanboy

Sounds like me a few years ago. I did switch to Xbox first, but the 360 has me enjoying being a gamer. Getting a solid group of friends and playing together is great. Friendly competitions with gamerscore and achievements is a minor ongoing thing as well.

I absolutely love streaming content to the 360 from the living room PC as well.

I lot of what turned me off with the PS2 is when I tried to get more out of it. Between modding it, adding a hard drive, trying Linux, and playing emulators through it, all I found was a bunch of frustrating work for very little payoff. I found myself playing with the hardware more than playing actual video games. When friends kept coming to me to fix their PS2 DRE's...I really got turned off.

After Final Fantasy and Xenosaga...what was left for the PS2 for me? Not much...I still buy games for it, but I never really end up playing them.

When I get a 360 game, we're all on it and ready to go. That's the difference I think; it's a fun console whether you have a new game, are replaying old games for achievements, or mashing through the XBLA classics. It's the most bang I've ever got for my buck.


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