Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And Blu-ray becomes "clear"

So out of all of the Televisions below, which one do you think finally got me to do a double-take on a Blu-ray flick?

  • 26" Westinghouse LCD 1080i @ $600

  • 57" Mitsubishi DLP 1080p @ $1750

  • 46" Sony Bravia LCD 1080p @ $3000+

  • 42" Sharp Aquos LCD 720p @ $1200

  • 42" Samsung Plasma 720p @ <$900

Note that the prices were at the time of purchase, not necessarily the current price.

Well, here I am with my new 42" Samsung Plasma. The picture is quite impressive, even on the UMD I was playing out of my slim PSP earlier. What is getting me right now, is that I only bought this TV because it comboed with a 360 Pro at Best Buy for only $900 and 2 years no interest. I didn't buy it for an upgrade to my game room, but rather just a lower-cost upgrade to my bedroom.

Although I think all of the above TV's are of great quality, I've been really impressed with Samsung's display processors the last couple of years. When I get the 52" for downstairs, I'm definitely going for Samsung.

So I should be sold on Blu-ray now? Nope, but now I can appreciate the picture.


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