Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blu-ray gets symbiotic with DVD

As usual, I was complaining about Blu-ray again not long ago. One of my gripes was bashed in the face, as BD/DVD hybrid discs are finally....there! Not here, but there...being Japan. Our grubby paws probably won't have to envy overseas for long, as this is a better idea than providing "free digital copies" that don't work properly because of iron-fisted DRM.

The unsettling feeling that we will be forced into Blu-ray still continues inside me, punching at organs. My question is, when will I see a Blu-ray movie that will make the movie experience notably different? As a reminder, I have a 1080p 57" television with a fantastic picture, so it's not the TV (and I've tried PS3 Blu-ray on other TVs). So in my mind, if they are going to force me into wasting money on Blu-ray down-the-road, then they might as well lube up our rears with these hybrid discs.


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