Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Status

If anyone out there still pays attention to this site, I fully apologize. I'm sure it was expected that I would at least review Aliens vs Predator, but I am doubtful it is going to happen.

I do have AvP and I mildly enjoyed the Alien campaign, but the game disappoints me. Rebellion was the wrong choice for the game in my opinion. While the first AvP on the PC was decent, it felt clumsy and the continue system was aggravating. Overall, I found it less enticing than the sequel made by Monolith. 'Lith does dark and creepy quite well, and they paced the game quite well on all the campaigns. The reasoning for not bringing them back for the continuation of the frachise eludes me.

Sadly, I've spent more time fixing xboxes for acquaintances than actually playing games. All three of my 360's are running strong, but fixing broken 'boxes has become somewhat of a hobby for me. That doesn't mean I'm here to hand out the internet.

Half my weeknights are spent doing MMA and boxing, so I have very little energy for games when I get home. Honestly, I'm not too heartbroken about it either. CODMW2 has been a blast, but it only works for me since it's very pick-up-and-play. There's no time constraints or saving to worry about. I can quickly do 1-2 matches and call it a night. Maybe that's the kind of games I'm going to have to stick with until I have more free time.

Thanks to those who still value my opinion! If I get more opportunities to post here, I will.


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