Monday, December 05, 2005

Call of Duty 2 for Xbox 360

I will mention right away that I do not like war/military games. The fact that the events involved have actually happened before somewhat makes the games disturbing. Not to mention I was previously not a huge FPS fan.

My first experience with this game was at a Wal-mart kiosk. The King Kong demo was confusing and boring, so I went to COD2. Unfortunately, I was too busy paying attention to the nice HD LCD screen they had hooked up to actually see how good the game was. I did think it was interesting how the zoom button actually brings the gun up eye-level instead of zooming in. Much more realistic, and more difficult!

Since DOA4, Burnout: Revenge, and Gears of War are not out yet, I decided to get rid of one of my useless PS2s (don't worry, I've still got 4 left!), and get this game.

We played it as long as I can stay awake. The game is intense: even if you are ducked behind cover, the enemy will find any openning possible. They are not afraid to use grenades either. Relative safety is not something you will feel in this game. It forces you to watch corners, rooftops, and doorways. "Fascists" and "Jerries" are all over.

The controls are a bit different than other FPS games, but they work well. Thankfully, the right analog stick button is totally melee. For us that use Green Thumb on Halo, this is a godsend. I'm also rather akin to the left trigger being zoom/sights aim from playing Quake 4.

I'm currently only on the American Campaign (I don't know how many there are), but I'll likely keep going until the end.

Currently, I vote this a must-have title if you enjoy FPS games.