Friday, December 02, 2005

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks for Xbox

I picked this up the other day since Gamestop had a buy two get one free offer when I was doing some Christmas shopping. I needed a third game. If they had Burnout: Revenge, I probably would have got that instead. I really want that game!

Anyway, I have read reviews and MKSM didn't rank that high although it didn't have bad scores. The idea of the game appealed to be because it wasn't so much a fighting game as it was an action-rpg. I didn't expect Ninja Gaiden this time, and I didn't get it. Does the game suck? Hell no.

First things first: graphics. The reviews gave me the impression that the graphics were bad. They aren't realistic or anything, but that wouldn't match the style of the game. The graphics are actually pretty good! There are some questionable animations sequences, but most of the FMVs are straight out of an action movie. For the style, the graphics are definitely up to par.

I know I've always wanted to do fatalities while fighting a mob of enemies. Now I can do that, and I can even get the ability to run around and do mulitple fatalities. The controls and moves available are definitely usable and I have no complaints about them.

Co-op is definitely a plus for this game. It's great to run around destroying any demons in your path, but tag-teaming is so much more fun. For example, my friend would melee it up on an enemy and get it up in the air with Liu Kang. With Kung Lao, I would take over from there and start kicking the opponent in the air. When other characters show up, the AI does some butt-kicking as well.

We are only about %20 though the game according to the save, but we've enjoyed ourselves thus far. Although I wouldn't consider this a must-have title, I would say pick it up if you've enjoyed the MK series and are looking for some single player or CO-OP action. I haven't even tried Versus mode yet.

The bad news? It's not yet compatible with the Xbox 360.

360 sidenote: I looked up how to update and I'm impressed. When updates are available, you can either go to XBL to get them, download the update and burn it on CD, or order the Update CD from Microsoft. Good thinking MS.