Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Not everything is good...

See anything wrong with this picture, besides losing? I figure it's not in good flavor to post nothing but good games. Bad games happen, too. If you didn't notice anything odd about this picture, I only only have 2 deaths yet the most kills. No snipes. There, now I feel better because I don't look so bad now. LOL

Demolition says he kept spawning in the middle of the other team. I believe it; this is one night were that only happened to me once as opposed to 3-6 times a row in almost every large-level game. What can you do? Go to sleep earlier for one.

As for the other two players, they didn't have much to say. We really need WallyNinja and GigantorNinja to start playing again, so there's no excuse. *Sigh*