Thursday, December 08, 2005

Perfect Dark Zero vs Quake 4? - Xbox 360

I was a little disappointed to see negative reviews for Quake 4 and positive reviews for PDZ. It seems the only complaints on Quake 4 were about the framerate and the hesitance when moving around corners.

Personally, I don't think the minor problems with Quake 4 inhibit the gameplay. It would have been nice for them to clean it up some more, but I'm not complaining - they were rushing to get it out at launch. The game gets very intense in places, and the vehicles are under-rated in my opinion.

I don't understand why Perfect Dark Zero receives good ratings. Is it a bad FPS? No, but it lacks intensity. There are some great ideas within the game, but nothing that keeps me interested. And not being able to jump reminds me of old Doom. The graphics are great, the weapons are good, but the game gets old pretty quick. I haven't touched it since playing it the day I bought it.