Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sony is either hiding something, or they really have nothing up to this point

I found yet another comment about how the PS3 is a pain to develop for and the 360 is much easier to exploit power from (via Kotaku). Is Sony sitting back and taking the abuse? They apparently didn't have much to say at the recent CES as far as the new Playstation is concerned. They have also failed to show anything interesting since their original prerendered game demos last year. So much so that they showed the same demo again this year. How lame is that?

In the midst of all the 360 screenshots, game news, and Xbox Live Arcade excitement, what is Sony going to do? I'm not saying that the Playstation is going to be poorly received. But they really should be taking attention away from Microsoft instead of hiding in a corner. Isn't that what they usually do? Overhype themselves in order to deface the competition? Such as when they "stole the show" last year at E3. But that is only because we already knew about the 360. It was on TV. They let people play them. So of course an unseen system will get attention.

Does Sony think that one demo and a Bluray drive is all they need to mention? I'm sorry, but I won't be saving my tax return for a PS3 unless I have good reason. We know Fight Night 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4 are in the PS3's future. But we can already play Fight Night 3 on the 360. Many games will be on both platforms, and for those who have a 360 will just get it for that. Metal Gear Solid, although popular, is not a system-selling game. They need to beef up and start showing some exclusive games.

I like DVDs, so a Bluray drive doesn't get me excited. In fact, nearly nothing is exciting about the PS3 at the moment. I do want to see a dual-screen game. But I'm not buying two HDTVs. I don't even have one, let alone two. The console is ugly, the controllers are essentially the same, and they will have non-unified online again. Sony calls the PS3 a supercomputer, but that's just ridiculous. If it had 2GB of RAM, a RAID array, and multiple processors (multiple SPE's aren't the same thing) I might take them seriously.

Nintendo on the other hand, gives us a peek every month or so at something. And it's interesting. We want more. We want to try this controller. We want to see the new Zelda. We want to play the Nintendo back-catalog. We want more WiFi DS games. Sounds like they are providing something without giving away everything.

Sony could learn something from Nintendo's public teasing and Microsoft's content-providing.