Sunday, December 25, 2005

Disappointing Nintendo DS games...

Well, let's see...Burnout Legends, Sonic Rush, Sega Casino, and Tony Hawk are the games I'll comment on today.

Burnout was probably the biggest disappointment. Sure, I didn't expect good's a DS. Graphics aside, the game is flawed far beyond acceptability. Hit detection is horrible, the physics are horrible, and the crash events are nothing close to what is expected from a Burnout game. Since crashing is what makes the Burnout series awesome, the fact that the DS version lacks a fun version of it makes the game worthless. Don't buy this game unless you really want it and it is only $5 to $10 dollars.

Sonic Rush is actually good. It stays true to the Sonic series. Getting used to playing on two vertical screens takes a minute or two, though. I actually like this game, although I'm not a huge Sonic fan. There are some 3D battles, and the typical whipping Sonic around all over the level. The quality DS LCD screens handle the speed very well. Anyway, if you are still into Sonic, it's okay to buy this title; you should like it.

Sega Casino is almost a joke. I am into Texas Hold 'em, but the AI in this game is absolutely stupid. No challenge. Your opponents won't call small bets, but they will always call your all-ins. AND they will suck-out half the time. Sounds like the game I physically played last night. Anyway, the setup is good for the other games...Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, and more. Thankfully you have the choice of using the buttons or the stylus to bet and move chips around. Unfortunately, that's the best thing about this game.

One game I do have to give praise is Tony Hawk American Sk8land. The reviews I've previously read mentioned that the graphics were going to be semi-cartoonish. They definitely are. But it actually works well, and I like this version BETTER than THUG on the PSP. Mainly because the screen doesn't blur and your eyes don't hurt after playing it. All the tricks and TH-goodness is there. Online play was a good addition as well. If you like TH, then grab this game.

Side note time:

Honestly, the only long-running series that is still fun for me to play is Metroid; it has a rather "timeless" formula. Mario and Sonic got boring for me long ago. I bought my girlfriend Paper Mario; apparently it is an RPG. I like RPGs, but this one is just not for me. Too silly.

I think the last Sonic game I was into was Sonic Spinball. Video pinball was finally fun, albeit somewhat difficult. It got boring after a while. Before that, I was into Sonic CD and actually played that through a couple of times. After Sega tried to go 3D with it, I lost interest.

I'm dying for Metroid Prime Hunters. Online FPS action would be entertaining as hell. If they can find a way to Make MP2 online compatible with the Revolution, I really think they will have a winner. I think it could even contend with the likes of Halo! Of course, they'll need to support more than 4 players, and make play lists. But this is really the game that made me buy a DS. I can't wait.

So in review, my personal must-haves for the NDS up to today are:
  • Mario Kart DS (even without online play)

  • Meteos

  • Metroid Prime Hunters Demo

  • Nanostray

  • Pollarium

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour

  • Trauma Center - Under the Knife

  • Tony Hawk American Sk8land (especially with online play)

There are other good titles, but those are the ones I like to have on hand. Other ones that are good to grab are Pac-pix, Pac n' Roll, Need for Speed Underground, and GoldenEye. Those games do have limited appeal though.

I HATE Nintendogs. I don't understand the allure to that stupid game, other than giving your dog a funny name and making it respond to it. Name your dog "Stains" or something. It probably doesn't help that I HATE dogs.

I think I'm going to go play TH right now. Merry Christmas!