Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Halo 2, the best and worst FPS of all time

Good gaming tonight, and for fun I felt like making these pro/con lists. It's mostly serious, and in no particular order.

Reasons that Halo 2 is the best online FPS:

  • Beat Downs and Assassinations

  • Fast matchmaking

  • Always has available players

  • More playlists than you can handle

  • Voice work (Killtacular, Slayer, etc.)

  • Grenades can be thrown while holding a weapon

  • Sword

Reasons that Halo 2 is the worst online FPS:

  • Sniping is too easy (no breathing movement)

  • Newb Combo

  • Modding (although not as bad as before)

  • Lag

  • Spartan and Elite only differ in appearance

  • The Sword has no "ammo"

  • Isn't Aliens vs Predator 3

Of course I had to throw in that last one. I really wish I had played AVP2 online in its glory days. One more:

Reasons that Halo can't possibly be better than Halo 2:

  • Online support isn't built in

  • The multiplayer levels look like crap (think Wizard vs Warlock)

  • The multiplayer levels aren't well balanced

  • The voice work in multiplayer sucks

  • Beat downs are too easy (long range)

  • Master Chief looks like crap

  • The built in playlists aren't very fun

  • Grenades have no arc when thrown

  • Can't hijack vehicles

  • Rocket launcher can't lock-on

  • Oddball doesn't require you to pick up the ball (you can throw it at your opponent and kill them when they catch it)

  • The assault rifle doesn't move upwards when the trigger is held down

  • Cortana looks like crap

  • The vehicles don't boost (slow)

  • No dual weilding

  • No Sword

  • No Battle Rifle

  • You have to worry about health AND a shield

  • The AI isn't as good

  • The campaign levels are repetitive

  • Walking results in slow running

  • Reloading the Assault Rifle takes forever

  • The game is more outdated

Do I like anything about Halo 1?
Um, the blurring around zooming in is cool. Falling from a height results in damage. The last level is kind of fun. That's about it.


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