Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Xbox 360 Next-gen gripes? Shut up!

I am tired of the media whining about the 360 not being truly "next gen". I wasn't expecting anything amazing at launch. The PS2 was crap at launch; we were supposed to be totally blown away by the new Sony product, and I must say that I sure wasn't. The 360 is no different.

Now that the launch is over, we can expect some better titles. The development rush is over, so we can expect to see some amazing titles about midyear 2006. I'm definitely looking forward to Gears of War and Splinter Cell 4. However, the more quality titles Microsoft can get under its belt before the PS3 comes out, the better. It's painfully obvious I am rooting for Microsoft this time around. I've been burned by Sony's products too many times.

HD doesn't make better games. It makes them look better (in many cases). But to get the most out of it, an LCD TV is a MUST. If you are using an HD CRT, you might as well forget it. There's no comparison. CRT technology is being phased out thankfully. However, I am impressed with my RCA TruFlat CRT. It isn't HD, but it sure looks like it when using component.

One interesting thing I've noticed with my TV: Halo 2 looks better on the Xbox 360. Yes, I was using component for my old Xbox as well. It doesn't compare to a 27" LCD or anything, but it's better than on ther other TVs in the house. Hmmmm....