Friday, December 09, 2005

Media Works

I cannot believe the volume of forum posters that are completely convinced that the PS3 is going to blow the Xbox 360 out of the water. However, sitting back for a moment makes me realize that I probably did the same type thing at some point. Now I can say it's not fair to rag on a system you don't own, because I was proven wrong.

Here's some personal points I would like to make:
  • I was personally a huge fan of the PSX. Not so much of the N64. I felt no rush to get into the PS2. I was interested in the Dreamcast, but it died out before I even got a chance to look into it.

  • The Xbox got me excited about playing video games again. With XBL, better graphics, and trigggered controllers, it felt like a new experience. Going back to the PS2 feels like I'm settling, and the controller feels like a cheap toy. I modded my PS2 to hopefully get some use out of it...but I'm still bored with it. I'm down to 1 old PS2, 1 slim PS2, and 1 broken slim PS2. Got rid of the others; won't have a use for them.

  • I honestly wasn't dying to have an Xbox 360, and I'm not really looking forward to the PS3 that much. The 360 could wait until Halo 3, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Splinter Cell 4 came out. What I am extremely interested in is seeing the new Revolution and its controller in action.

  • I don't understand the allure to any of the Metal Gear Solids, especially the last installment. The game is too cheesy; running around stabbing alligators is lame. MGS4 doesn't get me excited at all. Um, Splinter Cell anyone?

  • It's probably safe to say I'll get a Revolution at launch, since it will be around my birthday. It better have a new Metroid Prime.

  • I learned not to underestimate XBL. If they get XBL Arcade exclusives that get popular, people may start forgetting about Sony. Note to mention Microsoft set it up in a really cool way for the 360. In reality, I'm still bitter that I bought a PS2 network adapter, and none of the games I had were Sony Online compatible! Sure, I didn't buy the network adapter to play online, but I was still disappointed.

I find it funny how I'm personally moving away from Sony. Love Nintendo, Love Sega/dislike Nintendo, dislike Nintendo/love PSX, Love Xbox & 'Cube/dislike PS2. Somewhat of a vicious circle. Maybe the PS3 will bring me back, but Sony has scored really low with me lately in everything. Oh well, my girlfriend will want Devil May Cry 4, so they still get my damned money.