Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Condemned - Xbox 360

Did I mention that I got rid of Perfect Dark Zero and got an actual fun game?

Condemned is one of the better examples of "Next Gen" I've seen. Unfortunately, it still has some framerate issues, but in some instances it actually adds to the feeling of the game. As Game Informer declared, many of the walls are extremely textured and provide the player with the feeling that he/she is in a claustrophobic hellhole. There's not much to graphically complain about, other than me noticing that the lighting effect on the hole of the pipe weapon. The reflection acts as though the pipe is solid. That's just being nit-picky.

Interestingly, PDZ pissed me off because I couldn't jump. In Condemned, you cannot crouch or jump. It isn't really necessary though. But when I'm used to jumping and ducking with other FPS', the transition takes a few minutes. However, ducking actually isn't necessary in this game. The crackheads would find you anyway.

Since melee is, well, what I am all about, so this game does it for me. Less shooting, more melee. There is no reloading, and no adding bullets to your gun. If you want ballistics, you better start looking. This adds even more to the effect of aloneness and the brink of helplessness. And for the first time that I can remember, this is a first-person game where you can *gasp* BLOCK! So you aren't totally helpless...but you better be on it.

Of course, you need surround sound to reap the full benefits of the experience. How else are you supposed to know when an enemy is behind you. If you are lucky, a shadow will be cast, but most areas are too dark for such luck.

I have not beaten the game yet, but I've not had much opportunity to play as of late. If you want to hit things and be nervous through every hall you walk through, pick up this game.