Monday, December 19, 2005

Xbox 360 + PC = sweet

I decided to give media streaming from a PC to the 360 a try this weekend. Excellent idea, although I don't really want to leave my computer on for my 360's sake, and I don't want to buy a USB drive either.

Anyway, I quickly installed the Media Connect software on my PC and went to play some XBL Arcade games and test out the media access I had. First off, my computer showed as a device in "the guide". Both mp3s and picture files were available (that I chose to share with the Media Connect software). I could do a slide show and what not, but who cares about showing pictures on your TV?

So I loaded up Zuma and checked out my media selection. The guide let me pick my computer, and it was kind enough to organize my music by Artist, Genre, Album, etc. My room mate and I picked Pantera, and proceeded to laugh at how wrong it was: Zuma + Pantera. It was so wrong, but so awesome. I could even go to the next or previous tracks with my Universal Remote, or by using the guide button.

Good job Microsoft, I appreciate the functionality. It's too bad I couldn't watch videos though. Who wants a Media Center PC? I sure don't, and don't feel like building one...I have too many PCs as it is.