Friday, December 16, 2005

J. Allard vs K. Harai

Another example as why Sony execs are losing the picture about gaming. Notice how Allard talks about actual gaming, and Harai speaks purely business. Lame. Pull the PSP out of your rear.

People that are going to read this article are GAMERS! They don't care about how your business survives; we like the Playstation brand. At least make the conversation interesting.

Personally, I think Microsoft is making up for it's Windows dictatorship with the Xbox systems. From the interviews and products, they really seem to be all about gaming. Just like Nintendo still does, but Microsoft can provide more (they've got the wallet). When Microsoft or Nintendo go to press, it is exciting and fun (play this, control this, look what you can do). When Sony goes to press, it's a popularity contest like a bad teen movie (we're better than everyone else, look at these numbers, we don't need this and that...blah blah).

Anyone else taking notice?.


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