Friday, December 23, 2005

More DS games, and gaining interest in the PSP finally

I played a few more newer DS games yesterday, and unfortunately it was nothing special. Sonic Rush, Burnout Legends, and TMNT3 were the games I did a quick-play on. I do quickies on the first two on a later post, so I'll just talk about the Ninja Turtles.

TMNT3 (whatever the full title is) was amusing for a mere 5 minutes. I only played with Michaelango, which apparently was a bad choice. The moveset is limited, and I was unable to figure out how to jumpkick. Then I realized that this is the current wave TMNT, rather than the original. That's too bad; the originals are always the best (i.e. Transformers).

I'll probably end up doing some very short reviews on more DS games in the near future. Lately, Trauma Center, Metroid Pinball, and Mario Kart are the only games I've enjoyed. Bring on the Metroid Prime with online play, Nintendo!

I tried to get a PSP on ebay for cheap and failed. That's okay, I didn't really want to waste the money anyway. However, my room mates and I went to eat Chinese food and they brought their PSPs. They had just bought the Midway arcade collection, which included all the original Mortal Kombats. The wireless play performed pretty well, but the PSP I was using was in a funky case so I was having a hard time blocking. It did lag a little bit, even though they were sitting on opposite sides of a booth table. Pretty cool though, other than LOADING times.

Sadly enough, that's the first time I've actually wished I had a PSP. But just to play Mortal Kombat? I have it on all kinds of things already! GTA, Metal Gear, and Death Jr are the last few games I've seen and they weren't much fun. I'm still waiting Sony, although you can count me out if you want me to buy a new one.