Friday, December 30, 2005

Why the PS2 is no fun

Me? I'm annoyed. I wish I could get people in my previous mindset to realize that the XBoxes are fun machines. I will cover points in no particular order.

Online support is terrible

Um...what online support? When I buy a network adapter and only 3-4 games I own are compatible, I feel like I wasted effort. When actually online, there's no centralization or organization. It makes gaming online lame.

The graphics aren't that hot

Um, after playing the Xbox, going back to the PS2 feels like I'm going back a generation. The PS2 versions lack crispness, features, full animations, etc.

The controller is outdated

Having two analog sticks in the middle is really annoying. For games that are d-pad oriented though, it's great (i.e. Tony Hawk). The analog sticks are also extremely floppy and hard to be precise with.

No good FPS's

Still nothing that compares to Halo. SOCOM is highly over-rated in my opinion. The gameplay is weak, the AI is stupid, and the controls leave much to be desired. No comparison.

There is a lot of crappy games for the system

Sony's system has more games. But that also means they have more low quality games in the percentage. I've decided it isn't safe to buy a PS2 title unless you do your homework. I've been disappointed in a couple dozen PS2 titles, but only a handful of Xbox games.

It is really slow; no hard drive

Okay, so the PS2 can have a hard drive. But literally only 2-3 games support it. The slim PS2 doesn't even support a hard drive! That means ridiculous loading times and usually in annoying places. Isn't that like another system that's out? *AHEM* PSP! *COUGH*

Homebrew is limited

This is Sony's fault, but not necessarily a bad thing. The PS2 is difficult to program for, so this is to be expected. But XBox homebrew is way more useful, easier to use, and fun!

Hardware problems

Disc Read Errors, DVD trays not opening, bad DVD playback....and they are difficult to fix.

Sony has lost its gaming sense and has exchanged it for business

Ever read interviews? It's all hype and business from their execs. I wouldn't be surprised if NONE of them game. All the interesting info comes from the developers (who happen to be quite content with the 360 by the way). At least the staff at Microsoft games and knows how to have fun. Screw specs, let's play! Sony just wants to fool you, and make sure you THINK that the Playstation brand is the best. It doesn't matter if it's true or not.

Yup. I'm disgusted with Sony. I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. Will I still play their games and buy their systems? Yes.