Friday, April 27, 2007

Thoughts on Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo

If you were looking for a re-invented Ninja Gaiden, then you won't find it here. While the dual-wielding and extra playable character are nice, they will probably fail to meet your expectations.

One easy thing to see is that the backgrounds are stellar compared to the already amazing Xbox version. However, this actually isn't as important as one might think it is, as you'll spend most of your time looking at the characters in the game. Also, looking at what is available in the game, some locations look a lot better, and others seem to only have a few minor improvements. At least the frame-rate is silky smooth.

The characters actually seem to look worse in the face on this go-around, especially Ayane. She seems almost...mannish. While playing Rachel is cool, she just doesn't move right, and seems more like a messed up robot than a human. It was somewhat uncomfortable to watch. Not to mention her weapon has sucked since the original outing.

Problems aside, it is still Ninja Gaiden. The combos are there along with the relentless enemy attacks. It's still the skill game we've come to love, and it's likely that the button-mashing Devil May Cry/God of War crowd won't be able to handle it as well as they'd like. But at least their PS-Only dreams can partially come true. Which is good, because everyone needs to play this game. I can almost guarantee a big fat BUY on this one.


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