Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday Power Lunch

Since my time is limited as ever, time to breeze over recent news:

Sony didn't get 2008 as their super-duper year (yet), so they've moved their stake flag into 2009. Bigwig Yoshida says that pricing, hardware, and content helps their cause. wants to know why Wii-owners are "killing Wiiware". Why aren't we downloading more? The semi-rhetorical questions are self-answered with the lack of storage, demos, and the competition.

Is Microsoft going to relauch AGAIN? A vgchartz poster seems to think so. Marketing Blitz, New Xbox Experience, sequels, freebies, Xbox Originals, the works. Maybe, but probably not to the extreme suggested, methinks.

XBLA is going to get Samurai Showdown II. 'Nuff said.

MadCatz hooks us up with a Fender Bass replica for Rock Band. But it's wired. =(

Jane Wells desperately shoves her foot in her mouth when her son decided he wants a 360 again. She had previously declared the PS3 as the winner due to her son switching sides not to long ago.

Lunch is over, but keep 'em coming!


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