Thursday, January 12, 2006

Finally, a realistic article on the PS3

First off, I know I bash Sony a lot. It's not so much that I'm a fanboy of Microsoft (because I love games for all systems), it's just I hate them for putting so many faulty products in my hands at HIGH prices. What it really comes down to is I firmly believe that Sony fanboys/girls need a reality check. I wouldn't say the Xbox 360 is technically better than the PS3 (or likewise), but I believe the 360 featureset will be better and the system will end up providing more entertainment in the long run than the PS3.

The following link shows an ex-sony insider's take on the PS3. He sure was humbled in thinking that the PS3 would "blow the Xbox 360 away":

Sony Insider Deleted for PS3 Comments

It's true. The demos we are shown aren't real time. It's business. It's like informercials; you never get what you think your getting. The reps are quick to use tricky wording into fooling you into improper conclusions. The truth is, the strongest engine in any console is the "hype engine".

Are Sony fanboys really that upset that they currently love the weakest console on the market (PS2)? If brand-loyalty didn't exist and exclusives didn't taint the mind of gamers, I really think PS2 owners would have been disappointed in all the quality and fun they've missed out by not playing an Xbox for the last couple of years.

GTA, Splinter Cell, Burnout Revenge, Tiger Woods PGA, the list goes on of games that provided a better experience played through the original Xbox. It's not just that the graphics are better. The controls, animation, and online support/features are all better. There really isn't much room for argument sans maybe people love the dualshock controller too much (I dont' know why; personally, I've always hated the L1/2 and R1/2 buttons and the analog stick on it).

Personally, I think the industry is in a slump because of Sony. They have failed to provide anything exciting in a long time, and they've failed to meet expectations since the incarnation of the PS2. Their current system is dated and the new system hardly exists yet. Plus they aren't talking about it. They aren't making a very good market leader.

If Sony and Microsoft's numbers were more even, I think the close competition could drive the industry. Hopefully, that is what the next generation will bring us. Many are already happy with Microsoft's offering. Sony, it's your move.