Saturday, January 14, 2006

PSM is humbled...

Issue 107, page 66

Well, my room mate got his copy of PSM today. Within the first few pages, they felt the need to defend the PS3. To be expected, since they are a Playstation exclusive mag.

After flipping through it, and hardly finding anything of interest, I came across some info on the newly acclaimed Fight Night Round 3. My quick eye caught the words, "Xbox 360 version." So far, I've been impressed and unimpressed with what PSM has published about the 360, so I wanted to see if they decided to talk smack again.

They didn't.

"Okay, we'll admit that the Xbox 360 version looks good..."

"But the PS3 version looks just as good, if a bit different."

Essentially, they are saying that the PS3 version doesn't blow away the Xbox 360 version. They do mention that the 360 version does better lighting effects and contrast while the PS3 handles some of the facial subtleties a bit better.

We do need to keep in mind that this commentary was based on demos for both systems, not the actual games.

Changing the subject slightly, a different article in this issue and a letter to the editors covers the 1080p statements from Sony, and whether gamers should buy a supporting TV. PSM says that most developers will go for 720p, and I agree with that. 1080p is overkill, and not worth the extra effort and data space of programming for.

I was discussing the PS3 vs Xbox 360 with a friend earlier. The first problem is that I don't think he's ever played an Xbox. So he's already under the assumption that Sony will provide a better product (when as far as the PS2 vs the Xbox goes, this hasn't been the case). I felt the need to even the field a bit.

I explained the two consoles in relation to the processors, and I compared the processors to groups of automobile motors.

The PS3 processor is like having 8 x v3 cylinder motors. The 360 is processor is like having 3 x v8 cylinder motors. Would you rather work on eight v3 motors, or 3 v8 motors? More motors equals more work; that is why developers are having a hard time with the PS3. However, the PS3 is plenty capable and even has a slight advantage in reality. But developers can produce fantastic results on a 360 in less time than the PS3. That means the potential for the 360 to release a high number of quality games in less time. But this also means that neither system will "blow the other out of the water".

I think the fanboyism will have to move on to the games and features as opposed to the specs.