Friday, April 27, 2007

MS Games revenue > Windows or Dev/Serv Products?

Note: this is a reflection, not current news.

In the April issue of InformationWeek, there's a pie chart that caught my eye. It's information is a bit behind (2nd Q ended Dec 31st). It's chart on MS's 2nd Quarter Revenue for FY2007.

To my surprise, Windows was at 20% ($2.5 billion), Dev Tools/Server Products were at 23% ($2.8 billion), and the Xbox/Zune/Games division was at 24% ($3 billion). In the overall scheme of things, the disparity isn't that much. I was under the impression that the other two divisions would blow the Entertainment and Devices division away. I guess not. But keep in mind this was the quarter that the Holiday season was in though.

At nearly a quarter of their revenue stream, this information would lead us to believe that MS isn't going anywhere. They'll "stay in the game", as operating costs and the like will go down over time.

If you have Power Point, you get more info here.

Q307 looks okay. I wonder what Q4 will look like?


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