Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Step aside iPod, my Zune is here.

After a many bidding wars on Ebay, I finally picked up an 8GB Zune. After setting up and using it for a few minutes, I'm quite pleased.

A quick comparison to my 4GB Nano shows that the Zune is slightly bigger. The screen dwarfs the old Nano; I believe it's a little smaller than the unsightly wide Nanos of late. I'll compare it with the girlfriend's Wide Nano later.

As needed, I went to the website and installed the Zune software. Once running, it's quite noticeable how much more elegant it looks compared to iTunes. Unfortunately, I think the Zune software is a less user-friendly. It took some tinkering but I was setup and ready to go in minutes. Per's recommendations, I set everything to manual and made sure run a quick tag-check on my old mp3 files.

The stock standard earbuds look a little cheap, but they sound much better than the stock iPod earbuds. Even radio stations came in better than expected. The controls are extremely user friendly as well. The squircle allows the user to choose either touch motions or button pressing. I end up using both. It puts the annoying click-wheel to shame, and is far more accurate.

There are positives and negatives to both the iPod and the Zune, but so far I'm glad I didn't buy another iPod.


Anonymous Raymond Dubisky said...

Yes, I was quite pleased when I bought a zune as well. I bought it during the first few months it came out. I've always liked the interface on the device itself, but the former sync software was terrible. When they rolled out the new generation, they released the new firmware and software for the old generation. It was quite an improvement.

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