Friday, January 02, 2009

BTW: Happy New Year, Girls beating you at Halo

Welcome to 2009. Hopefully it will be a good gaming year; for me 2008 was a bit on the short side for me because of money and time shortages. It seems to me that 2010 will bring much more to look forward to, but being wrong in this case is fine by me. The PS3 should host some fantastic showings by then, although it's debatable on whether anyone will care.


Vicious SqueakyNinja paid me a visit last night and we Halo'd until 2 am. Her account has long been silverized and unused, so if you've seen my tag online, it's probably her kicking your ass. We had a many solid rounds of being obnoxious with TheKyleNinja and pushing the term "appropriate" well beyond it's means.

Good times!


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