Friday, January 20, 2006

New CO-OP maps for Splinter Cell and 360 emulation issues

Well, after finding out that Ubisoft re-released the new CO-OP maps, I made sure to download them and have DemolitionNinja do the same. It's been so long since we played!

The Nuclear Power Plant level is somewhat easy, if not a little uneventful. That possibly explains why Demolition started taking the aggressive approach and using flash grenades and then getting what we'll call "triple kills". It threw me off, because the first time we played this game, I was the one running around shooting everyone. But this time, I was trying to be stealthy.

The UN Building level is definitely worth playing. It involves a confrontation with other spies, which is a bit challenging to pull off aggressively or steathily. No killing innocents either. There are a few spots that are obviously "in the shadows" that your suit reports as being in the open light. A bit annoying, but manageable.

It was nice to play this game again. When we beat both solo and co-op, we wanted more. So much appreciation goes to Ubisoft for providing any extensions to this game. Hopefully Double Agent will provide even more hours of stealth fun.

Now for the bad news. I've never actually played Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory in my Xbox 360. Since GigantorNinja had my communicator, I wasn't able to talk to Demolition the first time we played. I decided to download the updates for the game with my 360. The updates would download fine, but the game would freeze on the loading screens. That really sucks. I deleted everything and started over with the same results. Thankfully, I got my communicator back after that and I just played it on my Xbox.

I hope they are able to provide some good updates for the backwards compatibility soon. I am so accustomed to the 360 controller that going back to the original Xbox controllers really sucks. White and Black buttons now confuse me. LOL.