Saturday, January 14, 2006

What Sony has to do to keep me interested in the PS3

I'm getting tired of Sony not putting their "money where their mouth is." They have been talking up the PS3 so much, but they really don't have much to show for it.

What Sony needs to do to keep me, the multiconsole owner, interested in their product:
  1. Stop telling us about how "awesome" the PS3 will be. Show us. And I mean something tangible, not a pre-rendered demo.

  2. Bite the bullet and make a real online service. You owe us from the crappy PS2 Online support

  3. Show and/or talk about more games than your exclusives. Not everyone loves Gran Turismo and Devil May Cry.

  4. Release a price point so we know if it will be worth it or not.

  5. Stop twisting your words to present the PS3 as something it will not be. If 1080p isn't going to be optimal, don't claim that it is what makes the system better.

  6. Make a quality product this time. Remember the "disc read error?" No more of that.

Sony fanboys, I think you should be with me on this. I know you are already going to support Sony until you die, but these are realistic expectations.