Saturday, July 28, 2007

PS2: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's Review

I mentioned a few posts ago that the latest installment of Guitar Hero received poor reviews. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to add another tally mark and agree with them.

As mentioned by others, this game is Guitar Hero 2 with the clothes changed on the character models. While this would have been forgivable, the poor song selection leaves the player noticing the overuse of individual charcter models in the crowd.

There's no bonus tracks, and the track selection is picked out of the bottom of the barrel for the music decade. Out of the 30 tracks, I liked a couple of songs, but they weren't fit for the game. The majority of tracks are very low on guitar action, leaving me feeling more lame than heroic.

I can't really recommend this game, which is sad. Guitar Hero is my favorite game at the moment, but even if this comes out on Xbox 360, I won't be buying it. If you liked the oddball songs of the 80's, grab this game, otherwise, you're better off buying GH1 if you haven't played it yet.

Wailing Riffs:
-Same gameplay we love
-Charcter models have fitting outfits for the context

Needs Practice:
-Poor song selection
-No Bonus Tracks

Resembles/Feels like: Guitar Hero II with crappy songs.
Rent or Buy: Rent
Personal Appraisal: $19.99
MSRP: $49.99

Other opinions:
7.0/10.0 @
7.2/10.0 @ IGN
7/10 @ Destructoid


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