Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MadCatz brings portable rock band kit (equals mod time!)

Madcatz has release a "portable" Rock Band drumkit. While it looks awkward and weird to most, I see it as an opportunity.

The ION Rock Band kit is too expensive for a half-assed electric drumkit. I'll spend $500-$600 and buy a low-end-but-better-quality e-kit with my money (3 easy payments, right?). Two options I think of: use this with a real e-kit, or build your own! My biggest grip with the Rock Band kit is the setup. The snare and hi-hat are in the wrong place. Snares go between your legs and hi-hats go on your left (opposite for lefties of course).

Time to scavage for metal! Pipe and some wood circles should do the trick. ;)

I wonder if standard e-kit trigger pads would work with the control module on this?


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